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InVitria Launches Zap-SR (Serum Reducer) to Ease Bovine Serum Shortage

InVitria’s Zap-SR (Serum Reducer) reduces serum by more than 50%, saves money and maintains performance in cell culture.

Fort Collins, CO and Junction City, KS - November 19th, 2014 – InVitria has announced the commercial launch of Zap-SR (Serum Reducer), a product for cell culture customers who currently use fetal bovine serum and are concerned with shrinking serum supply and escalating cost. “This product was developed in response to customer requests for an affordable product that would help them reduce fetal bovine serum requirements in cell culture”, said Dr. Randall Alfano, InVitria’s Director of Cell Therapy Product Development. “We have heard many customers complain of escalating serum costs and shrinking supplies”, he continued.A fetal bovine serum supply shortage was the result of a decrease in the US cattle herd caused by drought, which increased hay and feed prices. According to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Services, the cattle supply in the US has dwindled to a level not seen in several decades. The shortfall in cattle supply has created a severe shortage in fetal bovine serum supply. At the same time, the life science industry has increased demand for serum which is used for culturing cells used in life science research, biotherapeutic production and for cellular and tissue therapy products. The result has been a doubling of serum prices over the last year with additional price increases projected into the next several years.Zap-SR is a cell culture supplement that has several advantages, including:
  • Cost savings compared to serum;
  • Maintain cell culture performance; and
  • Reduces serum requirements.
“InVitria is committed to serving customer needs by developing high performance products that deliver what customers expect,” said the company’s President and CEO Scott Deeter. He continued, “This new product demonstrates our commitment to innovate for the benefit of our customers”.
According to Cindy Smith, InVitria Customer Service Associate, “With the launch of Zap-SR, we are offering free domestic shipping for the first order of five 50 mL bottles of Zap-SR”. “I am ready to take customer orders by phone at 1-800-916-8311 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ”.About InVitriaInVitria develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of cell culture and diagnostic bioreagents. These products are used in cell culture, biopharmaceutical formulation, stem cell & regenerative medicine, medical devices and diagnostics. InVitria is the bioreagents division of Ventria Bioscience Inc. Learn more about InVitria’s products at Ventria Bioscience Inc.Ventria Bioscience develops, manufactures, and markets biotherapeutics and bioreagents. Ventria Bioscience’s patented ExpressTec biomanufacturing technology enables the development of new and cost-effective biologic products. For more information, visit