Bringing Life-Saving Medicines to the World

Protein-based therapeutics promise to significantly improve medical outcomes, but many are expensive to produce in recombinant form or difficult to safely isolate from natural sources. At Ventria Bioscience, we are solving this problem by producing highly pure, biologically active recombinant therapeutic proteins with high efficiency. With one therapeutic candidate in phase 2 clinical trials and others in active clinical development, our goal is to make the routine use of recombinant protein therapies a reality for all.

Ventria Bioscience's protein-based medicines are:

  • Safe: A safer and more reliable source of bioactive proteins, replacing the need for blood-derived products.
  • Reliable: Manufactured using cGMP methods to generate highly pure and consistent recombinant protein.
  • Accessible: Produced cost-effectively, at high yields, lowering economic barriers to routine use.

Novel Therapeutics


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


»VEN150HIV-associated chronic inflammation
»VEN120Inflammatory bowel disease