Contract Biomanufacturing

Biopharmaceutical and bioindustrial companies can take advantage of Ventria Bioscience's patented technology platform, expertise, and cGMP manufacturing infrastructure for their own product development and manufacturing efforts. Our manufacturing facilities have been audited by leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and approved for producing bioreagents used in manufacturing therapeutics.

For contract-manufacturing clients, Ventria Bioscience offers:

  1. Scientific and manufacturing expertise
  2. Regulatory expertise
  3. Speed
  4. Reliable supply
  5. Capital-efficient scale-up
  6. cGMP-compliant products free of animal and human-derived contamination
  7. ISO 9001 certified quality management systems

We offer proven experience in manufacturing biotherapeutics, biosimilars, and bioindustrial products. For more information about working with us, click here.